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Vibe Dance Studio offer a range of dance styles, click on the headings below to find out more.


"My first dance class". Your little tiny tot is going to absolutely LOVE twirling, jumping, skipping and playing with us in this interactive and fun class.  This introductory class to the creative arts world will have your tiny tot begging to go to dance class every single morning they wake up. Enrol now to start dancing with us!
Your young dancer (aged 4-5 yrs) will be giving you impromptu dance concerts in your living room before you know it! They will learn 3 styles of dance - ballet, jazz and tap. Your child will learn the fundamentals of all 3 dance styles in a vibrant, high energy, fun-filled class. This class is sure to keep your young dancer entertained and smiling from ear to ear.
Did you know Classical Ballet originated in the late 15th Century in the renaissance court culture of Italy? Today you may here terms like Classical, Neo classical, modern or even contemporary. Your child will learn all the Classical Ballet fundamentals in their dance class at Vibe Dance Studio. With a focus on posture, technique, strength and flexibility it provides a solid foundation for all other dance styles.
Jazz dance is a very broad term which is often associated with a number of other dance styles including up-tempo modern, slow modern, lyrical, hip hop, cabaret and commercial jazz. Classes at Vibe Dance Studio are varied to give our students exposure to all facets of dance appropriate for their age. In all classes we focus on technique and flexibility - the key foundations of Jazz.
Your little dancer is not going to want to take their tap shoes off. Tap dancing is all about making creative sounds with your feet! It's technically challenging, great for musicality and great for the mind and memory.
 Our certified AcroDance classes combine technique, strength, balance, flexibility, tumbling and stunting. Classes are based on AcroDance ability not age.

Hip Hop dance is primarily danced to hip hop music and incorporates moves that have evolved through the hip hop culture. Hip hop dance styles include popping, locking, breaking (b-boy) and funk.

Be a triple threat - Acting, Singing and Dancing

Tapfit logoO M GEEEE!!! TAPfit is the world’s first tap dancing fitness sensation and the next big exercise craze to hit Australian shores.

Using world-first patented technology, TAPfit offers a total workout for the mind and body, combining elements of aerobic cardio, muscle conditioning and dance to promote strength, concentration and vitality.

Vibe Dance Studio is THE FIRST private dance studio to offer TAPfit classes.

Come and join our friendly group of adult students that enjoy some 'me' time while chatting, tapping and exercising their way to a healthier mind and body!

 (Can accommodate full Bridal Party if required)

Court wedding dance3Make your day a memorable one with that special someone! Whether you want to learn something simple for the two of you or are looking for a full bridal party dance spectacular to get the whole reception jumping - look no further than Vibe Dance Studio. With our expertise and caring nature we will guide you in the right direction. Book your private lesson with us today!