In 5 Short Years

From our early beginnings.....

Jade, Amy and Caitlin have been apart of the Vibe Dance Studio. Between the 3 students they have studied classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Acro.

They started out doing dance 'just for fun' but their weekly dance classes soon became a lot more. It became PASSION and a long lasting friendship!

The girls were presented with a special '5 year Gold Star' on their Annual Concert Certificate last year (2015). When asked about what they liked about dancing, here's what the 3 girls had to say....



Jade - "I’ve increased flexibility, strength and much more. I have made new friends. I do Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and I did tap in 2013. I do Assessments for ballet every year. When I’m grown up I want to be a dance teacher like Miss Lauren. I love dancing because it makes me happy. I like Miss Lauren because she helps me improve by encouraging me and supporting me personally and in my dance. I participated in all things in dance."

Amy - "In the five years I have been dancing with Vibe I have learned so much. I study classical ballet and jazz, and have also taken classes in contemporary dance and acro cheer. I love them all. The teachers at Vibe make it so much fun and I look forward to my classes every week. This year I competed in an Eisteddfod and I enjoy the thrill of performing.  I am very excited to be starting a hip hop class next year.  Thanks Miss Lauren for making dancing a fantastic part of my life. I could never imagine not dancing."

Caitlin -  "Hello my name is Caitlin and I am part of the Vibe Family.  I love to dance.  I enjoy the classes, the teachers and dancing with my friends.  When we are dancing we have a lot of fun.  I especially love to dance at the end of the year concert in front of an audience."