Intermediate | 9-11yrs

"Our girls absolutely love their dancing thanks to the wonderful staff at Vibe Dance Studio Brisbane. Not only are they fun and engaging, but also very knowledgeable and encouraging. After three years the girls have grown so much as dancers across all dance genres, and we look forward to many more dancing years ahead of us." 

Classical Ballet Program
Core Ballet class - 60mins Tuesday or Thursday 3:45pm

(includes Classical Ballet, PBT, Pre-pointe)

Extension Ballet - 30mins Tuesday 6:30pm or 7:00pm

(Depending on level and experience.
Includes Classical Ballet Assessment)

Commercial Dance Program
Jazz - 45mins Tuesday or Thursday - 4:45pm

(includes foundation technique, jumps, kicks, leaps,
turns, commercial and themed choreography)

Contemporary - 45mins Tuesday or Thursday - 5:30pm

(includes foundation technique, introduction to floor work, leaps,
turns, flex and stretch, lyrical and contemporary choreography)

Street - 60mins Wednesday - 4:30pm

(includes foundation hip hop, street and commercial dance,
whacking, popping, girly hip hop and commercial dance)

AcroDance Program
Acro - 60mins Monday - 3:45pm or 4:45pm

(depending on experience)

Musical Theatre Program
MT - 60mins Wednesday - 5:45pm

(includes singing, acting, dance, Broadway jazz,
foundation tap technique and performance prep)

Performance Group
Saturday - 11:30am

(eligible for performances, events and competitions)


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