Intermediate | 9-11yrs

Classical Ballet Program
Core Ballet class - 60minsTuesday or Thursday 3:45pm

(includes Classical Ballet, PBT, Pre-pointe)

Extension Ballet - 30minsTuesday 6:30pm or 7:00pm

(Depending on level and experience.
Includes Classical Ballet Assessment)

Commercial Dance Program
Jazz - 45minsTuesday or Thursday - 4:45pm

(includes foundation technique, jumps, kicks, leaps,
turns, commercial and themed choreography)

Contemporary - 45minsTuesday or Thursday - 5:30pm

(includes foundation technique, introduction to floor work, leaps,
turns, flex and stretch, lyrical and contemporary choreography)

Street - 60minsWednesday - 4:30pm

(includes foundation hip hop, street and commercial dance,
whacking, popping, girly hip hop and commercial dance)

AcroDance Program
Acro - 60minsMonday - 3:45pm or 4:45pm

(depending on experience)

Musical Theatre Program
MT-60minsWednesday - 5:45pm

(includes singing, acting, dance, Broadway jazz,
foundation tap technique and performance prep)

Performance Group
Saturday - 11:30am

(eligible for performances, events and competitions)